Announcing BCR® Employer Plans a division of Berk Cleveland Rathmell Wealth Strategies

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Announcing BCR® Employer Plans a division of Berk Cleveland Rathmell Wealth Strategies
A fiduciary that advises employer-sponsored retirement plans
when employers want to see their employees succeed

The firm now known as Berk Cleveland Rathmell Wealth Strategies (BCR Wealth) was founded over 20 years ago around a passion to help people succeed. Over the past two decades, our fiduciary role has allowed us to focus on helping individuals and families succeed through solid financial decisions and evidenced based investing.

During that time we worked with a small number of employer-sponsored retirement plans that clients and centers of influence asked us to apply our fiduciary advice model to advising the plan sponsors and their employees. In 2014, BCR Wealth was getting more requests to consider working on employer-sponsored plans and realized that a shift in regulations and consumer sentiment had positioned firms like ours to be uniquely qualified to advise employers and help their employees maximize their benefits. To grow in this area, January 1, 2015, we brought Justin Ladden on to our team to focus on serving employer plans and their participants. Since Justin joined us, we have seen a 200% growth in plans that we advise and a steady increase of employers showing interest in working with us. This growth and the growth that we foresee in the near future has lead us to create a division, BCR Employer Plans, that will be dedicated to working with employers that provide a retirement plan because they want to see their employees succeed.

The plans that we work best with are provided by employers that see a part of their purpose being to help their employees thrive. Each of the plans that we have begun advising has seen substantial increases in employee participation and employee contributions. We believe that a retirement plan that provides regular participant education, high-quality investment options, and below average expenses is a competitive advantage to employers trying to retain the right employees in the right seats.

In a regulatory environment that is constantly changing BCR Employer Plans is providing timely advice and education for plan sponsors through our online blog and newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter or learn more, please go to our new webpage

-Kristie Clayton-