Answers Your Financial Advisor Should Be Able To Answer

Marshall Rathmell |

A significant number of people who show up at our door need our help because they are uncomfortable with how their investments are currently being managed.  We see that as just one piece of complete financial success.  Without covering more than investments most people can fail even with the best portfolio in the world. 

Virtually everyone in our industry does something with investments.  We believe that the true value is provided by those of us that do comprehensive financial planning along with putting the clients interest above our own.  If you read this blog regularly, this probably doesn't come as a surprise to you. 

We see our role as more of a family's CFO - helping guide them toward their goals for the future by doing research, helping them develop and execute the plans to achieve them, and holding them accountable for what they're doing.  The comprehensive financial picture we help create involves much more than just investments and many times that raises the questions like:

  • "What all CAN you do?
  • “What do other clients ask you about?"

To help our clients and others think about the areas they should be talking to their advisor about we've created a list of the areas our clients ask for our help.  The list covers everything from retirement planning and employee benefits to real estate and business ownership opportunities.  Take a look at the list and think about the gaps that you should be asking an advisor about. 

-Marshall Rathmell-