BCR Wealth's Social Media Resolutions

Marshall Rathmell |

In 2015, we redeveloped our internet and social media presence. Some of our highlights include:

   • A new website
   • Re-designed social media pages
   • A blog written weekly by our advisors and associates


The purpose of these changes was to help you succeed in life. We have received great feedback about our social media over the past year. Like a strong college football fan base supports its players, your thoughts and feedback have boosted our confidence to take our efforts to the next level.


For 2016, our social media goals are to:

   • Provide more interactive and beneficial tools and information
   • Continue our weekly blog
   • Introduce guest blogging from outside professionals


Our blogs are generally scheduled to go public each Tuesday. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter by going to our website.


Thank you for your support and feedback. You make it possible for us to pursue our passion to help people succeed. Please let us know what we can do to better serve you. Also, please feel free to email us with questions that we can respond to with a blog post. We continuously want to learn about your concerns you and answer questions about what keeps you up at night.

Stay tuned for updates. Happy New Year!

-BCR Wealth-