Blog Picture Contest

Marshall Rathmell |

Rumor around town is that you LOVE our blog pics! We have a lot of fun putting them together for you to enjoy each week. We’d like to have you join in on the fun!

BCR Wealth is pleased to announce our first BLOG PICTURE CONTEST for a series that Marshall has written about how to select and work with a banker. Below is a small section of the blog:

“Knowing how to select and work with a banker to maximize your financial success is an important objective which we see people fail to achieve on a regular basis. To help people understand how to navigate this process, I asked a group of private bankers to share their thoughts about what people should know about banking.

In the first three parts of this four-part series, I am sharing the responses I feel will be of greatest benefit to most people. In Part 4, I offer my own comments on the bankers’ points and what anyone shopping for or using a banker should consider.”

We encourage you to have fun! Include pictures with props, your children or anything that you think would make a great photo to go with our blog series. Watch for the blog posts in November to see if your submission is featured.

Please send all entries to by November 1.