Exercise Your Right

Mark Hume |

The upcoming general election is November 6th.  People who identify passionately on either side of the political aisle consider this election to have tremendous impact.  There are stories gaining traction of varied injustices occurring across the country.  Politics can elicit strong emotional responses to differing opinions.  News stories can describe registration and polling place sites in dramatic, almost dire fashion, causing outrage amongst those that follow these stories closely.  Let’s set these emotional subjects aside and focus on the three things you as a citizen can control:  Registering to vote, being properly prepared, and casting your vote.

Register to Vote

If you are not registered to vote and live in Alabama, then you can click the link above and register to vote online. 

Confirm Your Registration and Polling Place

If you are fairly certain you have registered to vote then you can confirm that status at the link above.  All you need is your county of residence, legal name, and date of birth.  If you are certain that you are registered to vote but are unsure where to go, you can follow the same link and choose the third tab from the left titled “Polling Place.”

Valid ID at the Polls

Make sure you are prepared to follow the rules for voting by having the appropriate ID in your possession when you arrive at your assigned polling place.  This page also has a link where you can download an application for a free photo voter ID in the event you do not have any of the acceptable forms in the list provided.

Last but not least, be educated on whom you are voting for.  Generally, the less stature the position holds on a national scale, the more your vote counts so please be aware of the person and their positions on the matters they will govern.  Local policies affect you too, sometimes more so than national matters.  Hopefully, the resources shared above will help you enjoy one of the many great freedoms we have in this country.

-Mark Hume-