Forward Progress: For Football and Financial Planning

Mark Hume |

As we rapidly approach the beginning of football season, I found this term to be very appropriate for my introductory blog post.  There are many things in life I enjoy equally or more than football so I don’t intend for all posts to have a sports theme, but this one will tie in quite well.

Forward progress in football is defined as the location from where a ball carrier’s momentum takes them before being tackled by a defender.  If you are a fan, you have seen a favorite player move the ball well past the first down marker only to be pushed back 10 or 15 yards by a team of defenders.  Fortunately for your team, the ball is placed where the “forward progress” ceased and not the 10 or 15 yards further back where they ended up. 

I join BCR Wealth excited to plant roots at a firm where our philosophies and values align.  I am making forward progress with this move, and fortunately, there are no defenders to push me back.  Unfortunately, the financial services industry has experienced some pushback on forward progress of their own with regards to fiduciary versus suitability practices.  This subject generates many opinions on either side of the discussion, but you will always find me in practice and in support of always recommending and implementing strategies that are in our client’s very best interests.  There is no other way to operate for me, and I am optimistic those that oversee our industry will continue to work towards achieving higher standards and clearer definitions within this industry.

I think it can be very difficult for those seeking financial advice and retirement planning to be able to discern whether they are being sold “suitable” products that are dependent on the sales contest that a company representative may be trying to win. Or, are they are being given sound, high quality “fiduciary” advice based on their own goals and desires.  The waters are too muddy for most people not familiar with this industry and clarity moving forward is needed.  While I am certain the opportunities for clients to receive outstanding financial advice are more prevalent and accessible than 20 years ago, they can and should be much better.

I am arriving at a position that is exactly what I want to do with my professional life every day:  build relationships with wonderful people, understand their needs and desires, craft strategies that match those needs and realize those desires, and find fulfillment in their flourishing lives and achievements.   I have achieved career “forward progress” and eagerly anticipate a career consistently experiencing positive growth.  In my opinion, the team I am joining at BCR Wealth does things the right way, with the right intentions and I can see they are constantly moving forward.  They care about their clients, they care about each other, and I am proud to now be part of their passion to help people succeed.

-Mark Hume