My Internship Experience

David Williams |

Walking into my first internship I really had no idea what to expect. You hear all of the horror stories like; “all I ever did was fetch coffee”, “all I do is make copies”, “I have learned nothing and just been given busy work all summer”, which made me nervous more so than I already was. However, after my first few minutes with the BCR team I knew that those would not be my stories.

My main goal going into this internship was to learn more about the financial services industry along with deciding if this was the right career path for me. Not only did I gain a plethora of knowledge about financial planning, but I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. I was immediately treated as an equal member of the team and was given the security that my thoughts and opinions mattered. I was given the same work and tasks as a full-fledged associate too, and this made a huge impact on me. Not only did it introduce me to so many different facets of the business, but it gave me a truly representative peek into the life of a Wealth Manager/Financial Planner.

One of BCR’s five Core Values is “Growth Through Knowledge and Service” and I got to live that line every single day. I was given tasks and projects that allowed me to learn and gain knowledge along with the ability to make myself useful and valuable to the team. This struck me as such an integral part of BCR and a true identifier of the kind of workplace you will find here. Anyone can assign tasks or projects that they don’t want to do, but it really means a lot when you are given tasks and projects that assist your professional growth in a huge way.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to intern here this summer. I have learned so much professionally, personally, and as a student. I have gained friendships and connections in the BCR team that I could have never imagined. Not only do they want you to succeed, they are passionate about it and will do everything possible to help you succeed and excel in any venture you pursue. Thank you to everyone at BCR Wealth Strategies for the experiences and knowledge you all so readily shared with me. I came in a stranger and I am leaving a member of the family, so for that, I am forever grateful.

-David Williams-