Nobody Puts the Intern in the Corner

BCR Wealth Strategies |

Walking into BCR on my first day, I was nervous about what my role was going to be. My main objective for my internship was to gain experience and knowledge about financial planning that I could not easily be taught in a classroom. I was hoping to work closely with the advisory team in order to learn more about the firm and the day-to-day tasks of a financial advisor, but part of me was fearful that I had just signed myself up for a summer full of making copies and doing pointless tasks that had nothing to do with financial planning. Everyone knows about the stereotypical internship horror stories where the hopeful college student gets shoved into a shoe box of an office and is told to clean out the supply closet and have everyone’s lunch orders on their desks by 1pm. This is not the case when you accept an internship at BCR Wealth.

You could imagine my relief when I learned that I would be taking on all the same roles and responsibilities as an associate advisor at BCR, rather than becoming the company’s personal barista. I have been involved in client meetings, worked on many important office projects, and was able to support and assist the advisory team with any tasks that came their way. I never felt like an outsider or someone to dump the undesirable workload onto. I was treated as a valuable asset and another opinion that was always taken into consideration no matter the topic.

BCR Wealth prides themselves on being unique compared to other firms by possessing three traits: being personalized by knowing and understanding you, being attentive by giving you immediate responses, and giving you peace of mind by making success easier for you. Over this summer, I have not only seen how BCR displays theses unique qualities with their clients, but also the team members, including their interns! My first couple of weeks at BCR, they not only focused on my training but were sure to get to know me in the process as well. They wanted to know my preferred method of communication, how I best felt appreciated, and what I needed in the workplace to help me succeed. When I needed help from other team members, they were always quick to assist me and never made me feel like a burden. Working at BCR has been a rewarding experience and has allowed me to see what an ideal working environment looks like.

At BCR, an intern is not kept in the corner unable to participate but is instead allowed to leap into the everyday action and truly be a member of the BCR team. Being an intern at BCR has further confirmed my passion for becoming a financial planner and I wholeheartedly believe this is what I am destined to do! 

-Natalie Laggy-Coyle