Rideshare Safety Tips

Clay Wood |

Recently I have noticed a lot of news stories about ridesharing that went wrong.  Anyone who uses the apps Uber and Lyft have probably had their fair share of strange drivers, but it ended in them arriving at their destination safely.  Because these are a relatively new service provided to the public, there really isn’t much of a protocol for best practices when using a ridesharing app.  I wanted to share some of what I think are the best practices when using these services.

  1. Wait inside – When you get the notification that your driver is arriving wait inside until you see the car that is described in the app to pull up outside of the pick-up area.  If you are outside looking around it can make it much easier for someone who is preying on these types of situations to arise.
  2. Confirm details and ask questions – The driver will have an app open showing your name and the destination you requested.  You will also have their name, a description of the car and license plate number.  Verify the vehicle description and plates match before getting in the vehicle.  Don’t be afraid to ask the driver to tell you their name, your name, and the destination you requested.
  3. Look at the car lock – If the driver’s car lock is turned on, turn it off.  If you are in the backseat with the lock on, you can’t get out to save yourself.  Turn it off.

You’ve heard it before, “safety first.”  What you probably haven’t heard is that politeness is overrated when it comes to being safe.  As a southerner, we try not to inconvenience folks, but when it could literally save your life, be a little selfish.  Take the time to ask the questions and assess the situation even if it means standing on the sidewalk and drilling the driver with questions.  You can always apologize for being safe later in the ride.

-Clay Wood-