Sandra Cleveland Provides Financial Planning Tips on WQOH's "Embracing Dementia" Radio Program

Marshall Rathmell |

BCR Wealth partner Sandra Cleveland provided financial planning tips on today's edition of "Embracing Dementia." The radio program was featured on WQOH, a radio station of the Catholic network ETWN. "Embracing Dementia" is hosted by Ellen Edmonds, an authority on the topic of dealing with family members living with dementia.

Cleveland discussed the importance of financial planning in cases where family members or a caregiver are providing support to someone dealing with a debilitating illness such as dementia. She provided practical tips, including a checklist of important information to have access to when helping a family member get their financial affairs in order. She also outlined the basics of a financial crisis management plan if planning had not been begun in advance of the onset of the disease.

Most importantly, Cleveland emphasized that it is never too late to begin the process of bringing thoughtful analysis and organization to an individual's financial preparation plan.