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In April of 2015, we started our weekly blog. Our intent was to help people make better decisions with their finances.  We have been pleasantly surprised by the blog’s popularity!  We have been pleased to see how many people have been reading the blog posts, and we’ve been especially happy to hear back from blog readers who have implemented techniques and ideas they read about on the blog.  In case you haven’t been following the blog, here are our 8 most popular posts so far:

How Marriage Can Affect Your Taxes by Jay McGowan

Tools to Help Your Kids Understand Finances by Marshall Rathmell

What Are The Options If You Are Considering Divorce? by Sandra Cleveland

Do I Need An Attorney For A Will? by Harold Sasnowitz

How Do You Budget For Increasing Health Insurance Costs? by Justin Ladden

How Much Should I Have In My Emergency Fund? by Jay McGowan

Teach Your Kids Math by Marshall Rathmell

Financial Behavior Education For Children by Marshall Rathmell

This past year we posted 49 times and look forward to discussing the topics we have on the horizon for year two of the blog.  We are interested in answering the questions that are most important to our audience, so please let us know which topics you like the best and any questions that you would like to see answered by emailing social@bcrwealth.com

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-Marshall Rathmell-


Marshall Rathmell

Marshall Rathmell

Marshall Rathmell CFP®, CPA/PFS is the CEO, Shareholder and Financial Planner with BCR Wealth Strategies.