Is There A Move In your Future?

Statistics indicate that, on average, people change residences every seven years.  This figure is irrespective of whether people live in an apartment, a home, a condo, etc.  There are many reasons for these moves: some positive and some not so good. 

Whatever the motivation for moving there are several issues to be dealt with.  There are the physical issues such as how, where and when.  These are mostly logical issues that can be resolved because there is a motivator for the decision.  There are also emotional issues.  Because the driver for the emotional issue may not be apparent these are not necessarily easy to resolve.

The logical ones may be: do we need a larger house, smaller house, close to a particular school or religious institution or family member.  A particular neighborhood may be particularly attractive. Temporally the decision may be driven by school year or job change.  These are understandable at a logical level.

In the space between the logical and the emotional is dollars.  This is because money often causes a great deal of stress.  Do we have enough cash or other assets to buy the selected house?  How much will it cost to move?  Should we save some money by moving ourselves?  Is it fair to ask our friends to help us?  Can we trust the estimate of the moving company to be sufficient to pay for the move?  How much money do we need to make the new abode a “home for us”?

Emotional issues, however, are usually harder to address.  Although the average time between moves is seven years, some people have lived in a home for 40 years, or more.  They have raised their children in the home they’re leaving, or they have positive special memories of the home.  The community may be special for them: friends, organizations, activities.   There may be feelings of loneliness or despair that cannot be linked to any logical motivation

Another emotional issue is wondering how the children will be affected by the move?  They’re leaving their world to an entirely new one, and may not see the positive aspects of the move, and only dwell on the negative.

In some cases, the emotional issues may be so severely depressing as to suggest that the individual seeks professional help to overcome their depression. 

In any event, it is important to bear in mind that there are professionals to help.  Real estate professionals help find the “right” house or apartment.  They can also help with finding a mortgage and insurance if you desire.  Lawyers make sure that you understand what you’re buying and that you’re actually buying the house you want to buy.  Professional moving companies can perform many services related to getting your belongings safely from one location to another. Certified Financial Planners® can help you plan and decide the financial aspects of the move. 

While moving is likely to be a significant experience, it doesn’t have to be debilitating.


-Harold Sasnowitz-

Harold Sasnowitz

Harold Sasnowitz

Harold Sasnowitz CFP®, MBA is a Financial Planner with BCR Wealth Strategies managing the New Jersey office.