The Gift of Being an Intern at BCR Wealth

An adjective to describe my morning before my first day at BCR Wealth is “nervous”. I was experiencing all of the classic symptoms on your first day at your new job; being on time, good first impression, forming a relationship with coworkers, and simply not messing up. Upon my arrival, I was immediately greeted by our wonderful Office Manager, Callie. She quickly introduced me to everyone, gave me a tour, settled me into my office, and even provided me with a welcome gift. This efficient introduction did nothing but settled my anxiety of joining this team. I think a good first impression is extremely important for employees and employers. When your employees are comfortable, everyone’s work experience runs much smoother throughout the company, and the employer is confident in their new hiring.

As my first week proceeded, I was introduced with the idea of preparing and delivering gifts to our clients. I think this is wonderful because it is personal, shows our appreciation, and most importantly, that BCR is passionate about helping people succeed. While I was delivering these gifts, I was privileged to meet a few clients along the way. I feel as if this was a great way to dip my toes in the water and get to know some of the wonderful people that work with BCR. After the delivery process was complete, I felt more comfortable with recognizing and learning more about clients now that I have personally met a handful of them.

One unique thing I particularly enjoy about working at BCR Wealth is our book club. Every Friday, we discuss our book of the month and share our thoughts and ideas. A book that stuck out to me would be The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber, it is about the pro’s and con’s when working in a small business. This novel has expanded my point of view of what I should look for and what I enjoy when working for a company, and I noticed BCR Wealth contains many of those perks. I think it is key to work with employees that are passionate, efficient, hardworking, and have a sense of humor. I can guarantee you everyone at BCR Wealth carries those traits, and I cannot be more grateful to have spent my summer with them.

My experience as a summer intern at BCR Wealth has improved my excitement, confidence, and desire to become a future financial planner. This company exceeded my expectations and proved to me that it is okay to be nervous when stepping outside of your comfort zone. I have always enjoyed helping people achieve their goals, whether it is lifelong or just for the day, and BCR Wealth pushed me to achieve mine every time I walked through those doors.

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