Harold Sasnowitz CFP®, MBA

Financial Planner

Harold manages the New Jersey office of BCR Wealth.  Harold’s focus is preparing professionals for and prospering during, their retirement years.  He likes the idea of sharing the reality of investment strategies and outcomes.  Harold’s expertise is avoiding the mistakes people make in investment decisions.

Harold was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, when the Dodgers played at Ebbetts Field, and long for their return to Brooklyn.

Harold and his wife, Meryl, met during their high school years.  Meryl is a retired teacher.  They have three married daughters and 18 grandchildren.  Harold refers to the grandchildren collectively as their Return on Investment, and individually as their dividends.  Harold has been learning saxophone since 2011, and recently purchased a tenor saxophone. He especially likes playing and listening to jazz.  Harold attends a jazz camp each summer.