The Media and the Market

Marshall Rathmell |

The Media and the Market

In our daily lives, we need and use information.  We regard it as essential to go about our day to day.  However, not all information that’s out there is beneficial.  Not only that, but some are outright wrong…. It’s NOISE.

We can call the sources of this information and noise “Media”. These sources include TV, radio, printed media, social media, blogs (like this), and so on. The people who create these stories are not doing so because of altruism. Rather, they’re doing it because they get paid to do it or are pushing another agenda that we can’t and don’t know.  But generally: to make money at our expense. 

Their motivation is not to make us rich! They don’t know us, don’t know our situations, our risk tolerance, our financial goals. Their goal is to capture our eyeballs and our heads. By capturing us in this way, they can sell ads on their media… and that’s how they make money … and achieve their goals. 

You may have heard the term, “The Big Lie.” This refers to repeating an untruth so many times that it takes on a seeming true life of its own. Repetition gives credence and importance to an idea. Repetition can entice us to action: buy or sell this or that, call for information, etc. 

The call to action is very appealing. Often the call-to-action plays on our emotions rather than our logic. Yet, if we have an investment plan, that call to action is poison! When we feel we need to respond to one of these calls to action we should ask ourselves: did my goals change? Did the world change since my plan was made? Usually, the answer is an emphatic NO! 

If you don’t have an investment plan, contact a Certified Financial Planner® professional.  These folks are trained to help you reach your goals and to tune out the NOISE.


Some of this article incorporates elements of the fine book Investment Illusions, by Jay Mooreland, MS, CFP®, ISBN 9798790472381