Review Your Long-Term Goals to Enrich Your Life

Sandra Cleveland |

You already know that setting goals is important. And making a plan to reach those goals is vital. But still sometimes procrastination or a lack of motivation slip in. Distractions abound.

If you are finding that you are not making the progress you want, reviewing your goals may be the key. Keeping your long-term goals uppermost in your mind automatically concentrates your efforts. And we know that the most common reason people fail is not that they don’t set goals. It’s because they don’t take consistent action towards those goals.

So, here’s a short, weekly exercise that keeps you on track.

Start by writing down your long-term goals. And not just financial goals, either. Write out as much as you can. Go into detail. A lot of detail. Write your goals out in embarrassing detail. Add your motivations. Explain your feelings. Don’t just list the numbers (but do that, too!).

And then, review your long-term goals at least weekly. Every. Single. Week.

  1. Writing down your goals increases your productivity
  2. You become highly focused
  3. Strengthens your commitment
  4. Automatic thinking focused on your goals
  5. Avoids procrastination and inaction

Change and progress only come from taking action, not just knowing what your goals are.

So, take action! Start now.

  1. Write down your main goal. Be specific.
  2. Write down the most important reasons you want to achieve this goal.
  3. Outline the progress you’ve already made. Analyze if you are on track. Make adjustments.


Every. Single. Week.

-Sandra Cleveland-