Donut Expect a Typical Internship Experience

BCR Wealth Strategies |

The word intern can be synonymous with anything from a glorified coffee runner to a valuable asset. Coming out of college, one always hopes to be given a chance to be in the latter group. I had high hopes for an internship that would allow me the opportunity to work hard and learn.


Working for BCR® Wealth was everything I had hoped for in an internship. It was important to me that I found a company that was not just going through the motions of financial planning. Even as early as the interview process, I could tell that this was a company who truly cared about their clients and employees. During the first interview I learned about BCR’s core values, and six months later I actually got to witness their implementation. This was a company who truly lived by the values they preached. I have seen each employee go above and beyond their normal duties to make sure each client felt confident in their financial goals, and I was happily pulled into the mix.


From day one, I was anything but a coffee and lunch runner. I was included in all applicable client meetings, tasked with the pre and post-meeting work, and involved in a multitude of other projects. I received proper guidance, but also enjoyed the creative freedom I was given to make improvements or suggestions regarding my thoughts on the projects. I was not only exposed to the real-life goings on of the financial world; I gained real knowledge as well. I believe I have a firmer grasp on financial planning and the steps it takes for success than I could ever have received sitting in a classroom. Questions were encouraged, and I never felt as if I couldn’t ask for help or clarification to do a task to the best of my ability.


In addition to my technical experience, working at BCR has provided me a snapshot of what a healthy working environment is supposed to be. Concerns were addressed, and opportunities were abundant. Maintaining stability through processes was important and executed. Everyone worked as a team and had one another’s back. I believe my experiences working at BCR have taught me valuable lessons and showed me that going to work every day doesn’t have to be a chore.


I am grateful for the employees and clients of BCR for all the experiences they gave me and the knowledge I gained from them. I appreciate not only the skills I learned, but the friendships I made. Thank you BCR for a summer I won’t forget.