Reflecting on 2023

Marshall Rathmell |

This time of year, it’s very natural to look back and reflect on all that you have accomplished in the last twelve months. For individuals, we like to reflect on our accomplishments, and sometimes our failures, as well as what we learned and want to take into the new year. No one can argue that growing from your failures is an important part of growing as a person, but at BCR we like to focus on the positive. As a team, we have a core value of Growth through Knowledge and Service. This doesn’t just mean as individuals we strive to always learn; this also means that we strive to teach others around us. Looking back, here are our top blogs that we think everyone can learn something from:

How Financial Planning can be More Impactful than the Market – Marshall Rathmell

The Media and the Market- Harold Sasnowitz

What to Consider When Buying a New Home – Tim Jones

The Difference Between Saving and Investing – Madi Krummen

What did you learn this year?